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Dementia Care

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Dementia Care

At Neighbourhood Care we have a great understanding of the issues people who suffer from Dementia experience.

We are aware of what impact the diagnosis can have not only on the person who was diagnosed but also on the entire family.

We provide our client`s with an individually tailored plan of care, which is delivered by our specifically Dementia trained staff.

We work by creating a caring environment where the person with Dementia receives a right amount of support and can still enjoy life while living in their own home safely and independently.




Case Study Jack:

Jack lives alone in his beloved bungalow in Berrow and is supported by Neighbourhood Care with everyday visits. Jack has been suffering from Dementia for a number of years. He has got the stage now where he finds difficult to recognize his own family members. In cooperation with Jack`s family, we put a plan of care in place where Jack`s medication and nutritional needs are managed on daily basis. Thanks to the scheduled visits Jack has got a daily routine which allows him to live in his house safely and independently. Jack also accesses a day centre weekly with the help of our carers. Jack has recently been introduced to the modern technology and he plays a mind game on carer`s phone which helps with his memory. Jack liked this game so much that asked his son to buy him a tablet so Jack could play while carers are not there.

Case Study Fiona:

Fiona has been living in Burnham on Sea for the past 40 years, but previously she had lived in Budapest and was born there. Fiona suffers from Dementia, which restricted her ability to not only remember things but also to communicate in English. Despite Fiona being a lecturer at Bristol University after she moved to England and she can`t now remember any English words. At Neighbourhood Care we developed simple forms of communication from the Hungarian Phrasebook where every morning our staff is able to explain who they are and engage Fiona to start her day with a cup of coffee and a shower as Fiona has always done her entire life.

Testimonials from clients

"I we did not have Neighbourhood Care around, the only option for John would have been a care home. But luckily the support we receive allows us to live together in our family home"                        Barbara, Burnham on Sea

"My mum suffers from Dementia. Having a limited number of carers means she always sees a familiar face and copes better with her everyday challenges" Elizabeth

Neighbourhood Care provides me with a peace of mind. I always know what time they are coming and I can plan my days ahead. I could not wish for a better service" Rose, Highbridge

"I have had three different agencies before, but only Neighbourhood Care was able to deliver a care package where the demands of Motor Neuron Disease have been properly managed and allowed me to stay in my own home" Richard